HARGRAVE of "Oak Level", Sussex The origin of this family is traced by Mr. G. Andrews Moriarity in an excellent article in the Virginia Magazine (Vol.40, p.379). From the account he states that he hopes the Surry family will be able to connect with their ancestor's in Lower Norfolk. The first one of this family in Virginia was ..Richard Hargrave of Lower Norfolk who came from London in the "Bonaventure" sailing 2 January 1634-5. He then gave his age as 20 years (Hotten) and this age is afterwards confirmed by him in a disposition made 16 April 1672, when he gave his age as 60 years (N.E.G.R., Vol 47, p.201.) On 11 March 1652-3 he granted 250 acres on Broad Creek, Elizabeth River in Lower Norfolk, 150 acres, part of patent granted to John Watkins 16 May 1644, and by him sold to the said Hargraves 17 October 1646, and 100 acres for transporting 2 persons (C.P.229) He was evidently a Puritan for on December 15, 1654, he was one of a Grand Inquest that petitioned for a "Godly Minister", thus showing his Puritan leanings. In April 1674, he was granted 200 acres for transportion of four persons. He conveyed land to his son Benjamin Hargrave 12 August 1673, and again September 26,1679. He made his will 21 November 1686, same proved 17 January 1686-7 (McIntosh Wills, Vol 1, p.100), and named children shown below and son-in-law Arthur Moseley. CHILDREN: Richard Hargrave, b/1645 Benjamin Hargrave, b/ca 1648. His will was dated March 15, 1704/5, proven 1710. He mentions as only daughter, Sarah Hargrave, Sister....Ann Moseley, and kinsman Charles Griffin. Margaret Hargrave, b/ca 1650, married Samuel Roberts Ann Hargrave, b/ca. 1653, married as his 3rd wife, before 20 November 1686, Arthur Moseley, Burgess for Lower Norfolk, 1676, son of William and Suzanna (Cockcroft) Moseley. The Moseley family was distinguished in Princess Anne County. Many of their early portraits have been preserved. Arthur Moseley was married three times. His second wife either a Guy or a Hancock, for she was a daughter of Sarah Pigott, whose first husband was a Guy and her second Simon Hancock (40 V 382) (Ligon-372). By his third wife, Ann Hargrave, Authur Moseley had: Ames Mosely, married Elizabeth, daughter of Tully Emperor, had a son, Emperor, who removed to Nixonton, N.C. Emperor Moseley had two sons, Emperor who was a Master Mariner at Edinton, N.C., at the time of the Revolution, and Joseph Who became a sea Captain and removed to Massachusetts. Richard Hargrave, eldest son of the above Richard Hargrave, lived first in Lower Norfolk and later Surry County. On August 17, 1682, as "Richard Hargrave, Jr" he was brought before the County Court of Lower Norfolk for refusing to have a child baptized and may have been a Quaker dissenter. On 5 May 1693, he petitioned the court in the right of his wife, Pembroke, one of the daughters of John Pead, dec., for a portion of her father's estate in the hands of William Griffin who had married Pead's widow. He is shown as listed among the tithables in Surry on June 10, 1685, and on March 1699, he made his brother, Benjamin Hargrave, his attorney to acknowledge a deed for him in Norfolk( Deeds 6, p.158) showing clearly that he formerly resided in that county. John Pead patented 150 acres of land in Lower Norfolk. "beginning at a marked pine of William Beartimes Creek on the south side of Winter Harbour near Point Comfort, September 21,1652. (C.P. 265) He made his will February 4, 1677/8, proved April 15, 1678. He gave his son, William Pead, the first choice of his part of his lands and his son Joseph, the other part. He divided his cattle between his wife and other children inasmuch as William and John had cattle of their own. Wife executrix and neighbor, John Griffin, overseer. Witnesses: John Griffin, James Pead (McIntosh 1-55) Richard Hargrave made his will 19 May 1704 and same was probated 4 July 1704. Samuel Thompson was the Executor. The children of Richard and Pembroke Pead Hargrave were: Bray Hargrave, married Mary (see later) Judith Hargrave, married James Lowrey Lemuel Hargrave, made his will 2 May 1740, probated 15 September 1742. He gave to his grandson, Jesse Hargrave, "that plantation where his mother now lives and all the land on the east side of Great Branch"****100 acres and a mill to Samuel Hargrave when 21, son Jesse Hargrave in possession of deceased son Benjamin Hargrave;s land on the south side of Roanoke River in North Carolina. To grandson Samuel Hargrave, plantation where I lately lived on the west side of Great Branch 100 acres. Legacies to his son, Joseph Hargrave and his son-in-law, Anselm Bailey, Jr. His children were: Jesse Hargrave Benjamin Hargrave Joseph Hargrave dau. married Anselm Bailey, Jr. (see later) Bray Hargrave, son of Richard Hargrave, served in the militia in 1687, (Col.Sur.-211). He, his brother, Lemeul, and his father, Richard were tithables in Surry in 1688 (Id.195) Mary, wife of Bray Hargrave, was daughter of Augustine and Margaret Hunnicutt II. Augustine Hunnicutt II,2 made his will May 10,1708, proven May 2, 1710. He bequeathed his plantation to his wife for life then to his son, Augustine III. (BK.6,p.6) Margaret Hargrave Hunnicutt, made her will August 23, 1717, probated July 16, 1718, and it gave a legacy to her daughter Mary, wife of Bray Hargrave. Augustine Hunnicutt II was son of Augustine Hunnicutt,Sr., who made his will May 30, 1682, probated March 6, 1682/3 and in his will added 40 acres to what he had already given his son Augustine Hunnicutt, Jr.,(Bk.2-325) Bray lived in Lawne's Creek Parish where he died Intestate in 1728. His wife, Mary, as administrator of his estate, filed an inventory of same in 1728. The appraisers were: Robert Lancaster, Benjamin Champion and John Holloman. His children were: Samuel Hargrave4married Martha Cheadle Lemuel Hargrave Benjamin Hargrave Augustine Hargrave married Mary Was a Prosperous planter of Surry where he made his will which was probated June 21, 1763,(W.B.1754-68) His legatees were his sons: William Hargrave Hartwell Hargrave Augustine Hargrave, Jr. Thomas Hargrave (see later) Hardy Hargrave Katherine Hargrave Olive Hargrave (W.B. 1754-68) Mary Hunnicutt Hardgrave, "sick and weak" made her death bed will August 29,1769. She mentioned all of the above children named by her husband except Hartwell and Katherine who were probably deceased. Katherine and her twin brother, Kesiah, were baptized March 23, 1743. Their sponsors were Richard and Mary Murphy and Faith Judkins. (Alb.Reg.) Thomas Hargrave, son of Augustine Hargrave, lived in that part of Surry which later became Sussex. He was a Quaker and for reasons of conscience did not bear arms during the revolution but is said to have served for a short time as a cook and died in 1781 or 1782. His wife, Letitia Lane, was daughter of Joseph Lane (see Lane) and a descendant of Colonial John Flood, an Ancient Planter who came to Virginia on the "Swan" in 1610 and was Speaker of the House of Burgesses. Their Children: William Hargrave6,b/ 21 October 1771, married Sarah Ellis* Richard Hargrave Lucy Hargrave, married Pyland Travis Lemuel Hargrave, married Lettia Lane (see Lane) Sarah Hargrave, married William Turner William Hargrave, son of Thomas and Letitia Lane Hargrave, was born 21 October 1771, according to the records of his son Reverend Richard Hargrave. The Albemarle Parish records of Sussex County, VA., give his baptismal date as 21 November 1771. When a youth, William had witnessed the grief and consequent death of a Virginia slave whose family had been sold to Georgia Slave traders and it so affected him that he vowed that he would never take a day's service from a slave after he was legally competent to give him his freedom; and he kept his word. William Hargrave had often listened to his father tell that he wished his son to be a preacher. He had heard, with a feeling of awe his father tell that on one occasion, while listening to Bishop Asbury preach, the Witness of the Spirit had been with him, saying "Your boy, William, will preach this gospel," as clearly as though Bishop Asbury himself had spoken the words directly into his ear. It is not greatly to be wondered then, that after his father's death, influenced by the memory of his wish and the frequent prayers and psalm-singing of his widowed mother the lad felt continually oppressed with a yearning and a responsibility to make a definite avowel of religion. He said of that time, "I felt as though father's prayers were following me, awooing me to conversion and consecration." One evening when he was sixteen years of age, he went to his father's grave, and lying stretched on the ground, full length beside his grave, prayed long and earnestly, not ceasing in his application for peace until he was wonderfully converted and blest. On becoming of age, several years later, his first act was to give all his slaves their emancipation papers, feeling that slavery was contrary to the teaching of God's Word. Opposition to Slavery caused the Hargrave family to move to Pike County, Indiana, in the year 1818. The country was new, and times exceedingly hard, and privations many and great. The people generally were poor and there were almost no schools then in the country. Reverend William Hargrave and his son, Richard Hargrave were early Preachers in Pike County, Indiana, much loved and respected by the people they served. William Hargrave was born 21 October, 1771; married 1 December 1791, Sarah (Sallie) Ellis, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright Ellis, who was born at Richmond, Surry County, VA., in 1769. When they settled in Pike County, they named their home "Delectable Hill", near Otwell, Indiana., where Sallie died 28 April 1840 and William on 8 February 1849. William Hargrave was a farmer and a local Methodist preacher. CHILDREN: Lucy Hargrave, b/29 October 1792, married Wesley DeBruler.** Elizabeth Ray Hargrave, b/2 November 1795, married Charles DeBruler.** Thomas R. Hargrave, b/26 December 1796, married Martha Traylor Martha Ellis Hargrave, b/ 7 February 1799, married John Niblack William Ellis Hargrave, b/21 December 1800, dsp Richard Hargrave,b/5 December 1802, married Nancy A. Posey*** Lemuel B. Hargrave, b/13 July 1806, mar. Susannah W. DeBruler Sarah Hargrave, b/15 July 1809, married James Barnett Susannah Hargrave, b/10 February 1803, married Andrew F. Kelso*** Lucy Hargrave, daughter of William and Sarah Ellis Hargrave, was born in Sussex County, VA, 29 October 1793, and died at High Banks, Pike County, Indiana, on 2 September 1838. On 12 November 1816 in Orange County, N.C. she married Wesley DeBruler, the son of Micajah Greenfield and Mary Hicks DeBruler who was born in Granville County, N.C. 8 February 1788 and died 9 November 1863, in Boone Township, Dubois County, Indiana. Mr. DeBruler was a farmer. CHILDREN: Lemuel Quincy DeBruler, (twin) b/21 September 1817, married Anna Condit. (not complete) I don't find any connection to Our Hargraves, except they were from Virginia, also some name association. George Virgil Goins
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