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Virgil Goins

Dealer of Postal cards and Stamps

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1. Color, "Horton's Point Light, Southhold. L.I.(Handcolored) Germnay, Postmark 26 Aug.1907, Southhold, N.Y.message & address to Oklahoma City, OK.1 cent Franklin, type A115 Retail $1.50
2 Erie Canal in Syracuse, N.Y., ( Germany) b&w, Postmark, 29 Oct.(no year) 1 cents Franklin, type A115 (addressed to NY,NY Retail $1.50
3 On The Road to Glenmore, Big Moose Lake, Adirondeck Mtns.,N.Y.(Germany) Postmark Big Moose, N.Y.,(message on picture)B&W, 1 cent Franklin, type A115 Retail $1.50
4 Color, City Hall, New York, made in Germany (some dirt spots and creases, Postmark, Times Square, 12 Feb. 1909-Franklin Type A115. to St. Louis, Mo. Retail $1.50
5 New York Public Library, N.Y. City, message below picture, postmark NY, NY. 20 Mar 1906(Germany) b&w Retail $1.50
6 Crouse College and Holden Observatory, Syracuse, NY, Germany, postmark Syracuse, NY, 29 Oct (no Year)Franklin A115 Retail $1.50
7 Waterville, NY, Hop Harvest. Germany, postmark, 23 Oct 1908, Waterville, NY.,Franklin, A115 Retail $1.50
8 Sound Shore, Southold, L.I., b&w, Germany, postmark, 28 Aug 1907,Southold, NY ,Franklin type A115. Retail $1.50
9 The Hippodrome, ZNew York, Germany, postmark, Times Square Sta. NY, 13 Feb 1909, 1 cent Franklin type A138. Retail $1.50
10 Scene in Delaware Park from the Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, postmark, Buffalo, NY, 22 Jul, 1909.Franklin A138. Retail $1.50
11 Mountain Drive, Hot Springs, Ark.(color, Corner gone,Germany, postmark 7 Sep (no year)Hotsprings, Ark, Franklin A138.Dated 9-6-09 Retail $1.50
12 Happy Hollow Spring and Mountain Road, Hot Springs, Ark. color, edge rough, postmark Hot Springs, 31 Oct 1909, Franklin a138 to Shreveport, La. Retail $1.50
13 Hot Springs, Ark, Park Hotel, color, postmark, Hot Springs, Ark, 29 Jun 1908, Franklin, A115 publ. by Ark Pub. Retail $1.50
14 A Beautiful Drive on Hot Springs Mountain, Hot Springs, Ark. postmark, 11 May 1908, Franklin A115(made by Ark Publisher) Retail $1.50
15 Army and Navy Hospital-& Eastman Hotel, Hot Springs, Ark.(no msg)postmark Hot Springs, Ark, 21 Mar 1908, Franklin A115(rip in picture) Retail $1.50
16 Welcome to Water Works Park, Detroit, Mich.Germany, postmark Detroit, Mich, 4 J-N 1908, Franklin A115. Retail $1.50
17 Lake Palmer Park, Detroit, Mich, (made in Detroit) postmark 6 Aug 1909, Franklin A138, crease on corner Retail $1.50
18 Hendrick's Monument, State House Groungs, Indianapolis, Ind. (md Boston) postmark 17 May 1908, Franklin, A115, b&w Retail $1.50
19 Crown Hill, east entrance, Indianopolis, Ind.,postmark Jul 5,no year..(maybe Greencastle,Ind., Franklin A115. Retail $1.50
20 Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, Cal., postmark 13 June 1908, Franklin, A115, Germany Retail $1.50
21 Sebastian's Cotton Club, America's Finest Cafe, Culver City, California,(Saalon De Vie Modern Cocktail Room, postmark Los Angeles, Calif. 14 Jan 1938,Franklin A155, Retail $1.50
22 The Pagoda, Forest Park, St Louis, USA, Germany, postmark 20 Feb 1909, Franklin A138to Shreveport, La. Retail $1.50
23 Merchants Bridge, St Louis, USA, postmark, 20 Feb 1909, (annex Sta.) Franklin Shreveport, La Retail $1.50
24 Union Station, St Louis, Mo. postmark 17 Feb 1910, Franklin A138. Retail $1.50
25 St Louis Cathedral, St Louis, Mo. postmark 17 Feb 1910, Franklin A138 Retail $1.50
NEW LOT One (1) Lot of 37 postcards, B&W, Pictures of St. Mihiel Front,WW1, Germnay, Old, some stained, creases. Non Addressed nor mailed. Minimum $55.00 ppd

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