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Treaty between U.S. and the Old Choctaw Nation (Mississippi)
"The Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty"

September 15,1830-

CONTINUED From Main Treaty


Various Choctaw persons have been presented by the Chiefs of the nation,
with a desire that they might be provided for. Being particularly
deserving, an earnestness has been manifested that provision might be made
for them. It is therefore by the undersigned commissioners here assented
to, with the understanding that they are to have no interest in the
reservations which are directed and provided for under the general Treaty
to which this is a supplement. /HH/ /II/

As evidence of the liberal and kind feelings of the President and
Government of the United States the Commissioners agree to the request as
follows, (to wit) Pierre Juzan, Peter Pitchlynn, G. W. Harkins, Jack
Pitchlynn, Israel Fulsom, Louis Laflore, Benjamin James, Joel H. Nail,
Hopoynjahubbee, Onorkubbee, Benjamin Laflore, Michael Laflore and Allen
Yates and wife shall be entitled to a reservation of two sections of land
each to include their improvement where they at present reside, with the
exception of the three first named persons and Benjamin Laflore, who are
authorized to locate one of their sections on any other unimproved and
unoccupied land, within their respective districts.

ARTICLE II. And to each of the following persons there is allowed a
reservation of a section and a half of land, (to wit) James L. McDonald,
Robert Jones, Noah Wall, James Campbell, G. Nelson, Vaughn Brashears, R.
Harris, Little Leader, S. Foster, J. Vaughn, L. Durans, Samuel Long, T.
Magagha, Thos. Everge, Giles Thompson, Tomas Garland, John Bond, William
Laflore, and Turner Brashears, the two first named persons, may locate one
section each, and one section jointly on any unimproved and unoccupied
land, these not residing in the Nation; The others are to include their
present residence and improvement. /JJ/

Also one section is allowed to the following persons (to wit) Middleton
Mackey, Wesley Train, Choclehomo, Moses Foster, D. W. Wall, Charles Scott,
Molly Nail, Susan Colbert, who was formerly Susan James, Samuel Garland,
Silas Fisher, D. McCurtain, Oaklahoma, and Polly Fillecuthey, to be located
in entire sections to include their present residence and improvement, with
the exception of Molly Nail and Susan Colbert, who are authorized to locate
theirs, on any unimproved unoccupied land.

John Pitchlynn has long and faithfully served the nation in character of U.
States Interpreter, he has acted as such for forty years, in consideration
it is agreed, in addition to what has been done for him there shall be
granted to two of his children, (to wit) Silas Pitchlynn, and Thomas
Pitchlynn one section of land each, to adjoin the location of their father;
likewise to James Madison and Peter sons of Mushulatubbee one section of
land each to include the old house and improvement where their father
formerly lived on the old military road adjoining a large Prerarie.

And to Henry Groves son of the Chief Natticache there is one section of
land given to adjoin his father's land.

And to each of the following person and. granted on any unoccupied and
unimproved lands in the Districts where they respectively live (to wit)
Willis Harkins, James D. Hamilton, William

Juzan, Tobias Laflore, Jo Doke, Jacob Fulsom, P. Hays, Samuel Worcester,
George Hunter, William Train, Robert Nail and Alexander McKee.

And there is given a quarter section of land each to Delila and her five
fatherless children, she being a Choctaw woman residing out of the nation;
also the same quantity to Peggy Trihan, another Indian woman residing out
of the nation and her two fatherless children; and to the widows of
Pushmilaha, and Pucktshenubbee, who were formerly distinguished Chiefs of
the nation and for their children four quarter sections of land, each in
trust for themselves and their children.
All of said last mentioned reservations are to be located under and by
direction of the President of the U. States.

ARTICLE III. The Choctaw people now that they have ceded their lands are
solicitous to get to their new homes early as possible and accordingly they
wish that a party may be permitted to proceed this fall to ascertain
whereabouts will be most advantageous for their people to be located. /KK/

It is therefore agreed that three or four persons (from each of the three
districts) under the guidance of some discreet and well qualified person or
persons may proceed during this fall to the West upon an examination of the

For their time and expenses the U. States agree to allow the said twelve
persons two dollars a day each, not to exceed one hundred days, which is
deemed to be ample time to make an examination.

If necessary, pilots acquainted with the country will be furnished when
they arrive in the West.

ARTICLE IV. John Donly of Alabama who has several Choctaw grand children,
and who for twenty years has carried the mail through the Choctaw Nation, a
desire by the Chiefs is expressed that he may have a section of land, it is
accordingly granted, to be located in one entire section, on any unimproved
and unoccupied land. /LL/

Allen Glover and George S. Gaines licensed Traders in the Choctaw Nation,
have accounts amounting to upwards of nine thousand dollars against the
Indians who are unable to pay their said debts without distressing their
families; a desire is expressed by the chiefs that two sections of land be
set apart to be sold and the proceeds thereof to be applied toward the
payment of the aforesaid debts. It is agreed that two sections of any
unimproved and unoccupied land be granted to George S. Gaines who will sell
the same for the best price he can obtain and apply the proceeds thereof to
the credit of the Indians on their accounts due to the before mentioned
Glover and Gaines; and shall make the application to the poorest Indian
first. /MM/

At the earnest and particular request of the Chief Greenwood Laflore there
is granted to David Haley one half section of land to be located in a half
section on any unoccupied and unimproved land as a compensation, for a
journey to Washington City with dispatches to the Government and returning
others to the Choctaw Nation. /NN/

The foregoing is entered into, as supplemental to the treaty concluded

Done at Dancing Rabbit creek the 28th day of September, 1830.
Jno. H. Eaton, (L.S.)
Jno. Coffee, (L.S.)
Greenwood Leflore, (L.S.)
Nittucachee, his x mark, (L.S.)
Mushulatubbee, his x mark, (L.S.)
Offahoomah, his x mark, (L.S.)
Eyarhoeuttubbee, his x mark, (L.S.)
Iyaeherhopia, his x mark, (L.S.)
Holubbee, his x mark, (L.S.)
Onarhubbee, his x mark, (L.S.)
Robert Cole, his x mark, (L.S.)
Hopiaunchahubbee, his x mark, (L.S.)
David Folsom, (L.S.)
John Garland, his x mark, (L.S.)
Hopiahoomah, his x mark, (L.S.)
Captain Thalko, his x mark, (L.S.)
Pierre Juzan, (L.S.)
Immarstarher, his x mark, (L.S.)
Hoshimhamartar, his x mark, (L.S.)
In presence of - -
E. Breathitt, Secretary to Commissioners,
W. Ward, Agent for Choctaws,
M. Mackey, United States Interpreter,
John Pitchlynn, United States Interpreter,
R. P. Currin,
Jno. W. Byrn,
Geo. S. Gaines.
A/ Proclamation, Feb. 24, 1831.
B/ This paragraph was not ratified.
C/ Peace and friendship.
D/ Country to be conveyed to Choctaws.
E/ Country ceded to United States.
F/ Self-government secured to Choctaws.
G/ United States to protect Choctaws, etc.
H/ Offences against citizens of
United States, etc
. I/ Offences against Choctaws.
J/ Delivery of offenders.
K/ Persons ordered from the nation, etc.
L/ Traders to require a written permit.
M/ Navigable streams, post-offices, and military posts.
O/ Theft.
P/ Agent.
Q/ Choctaws wishing to become citizens of United States.
R/ Reservations for chiefs.
S/ Annuities.
T/ Pay of chiefs,etc.
U/ Removal of Indians.
V/ Cattle.
W/ Annuities under former treaties.
X/ Further annuity.
Y/ Survey of ceded lands, etc.
Z/ Reservations of land,for - -
AA/ Certain individuals.
BB/ Heads of families.
CC/ Captains.
EE/ Stipulations by United States for the benefit of the Choctaws.
FF/ Annuity to certain old warriors.
GG/ Delegate to Congress.
HH/ Sept.28, 1830. II/ Stat., 340.
JJ/ Reservations. KK/ Exploring party.
MM/ Debts to Glover and Gaines.
NN/ Reservation.


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